Hi I'm Steve, a web focused developer from the UK.

Why Tech?

Technology has always been a big part of my life. It fascinates me and I find the promise of the future and its advancements incredibly exciting. Looking back I've dabbled with code throughout my life, from BASIC to iOS. For the first part of my life, music became my career focus and coding was a hobby that had to take a back seat. When choosing what to do after my music career it's seemed natural to choose a career in technology.

I have been self teaching for 18 months but have struggled to gain confidence and finish personal projects. I have taken the opportunity to join Code Nation on their 12 week bootcamp to work on my project management skills as well as to work in a team development environment.

Sounds Cool, So What Can You Do?

Since deciding to switch focus to a career in technology, I started out learning python with a view to analysing data. I learnt web scraping techniques as well as using libraries such as pandas and matplotlib.

As I started to build applications with flask, I realised that I wanted more interactivity on the front end of projects and started to focus on front end design, learning javascript and react. I have some experience with linux, docker and github actions too. Feel free to checkout my projects or my github.

Nice. But What Makes You So Special?

Achieving my goals in my past music career was not easy. I made a lot of sacrifices and often faced times where it was easy to give up. I believe these experiences have taught me how to be resilient, something I have used a lot so far in my self taught journey. I feel my maturity, resilience and ability to work and learn independently will help me hit the ground running in my first developer role whilst my enthusiasm and optimism would be a plus to any team.

I enjoy having adventures in the great outdoors, cooking, and have a passion for critical thinking and music.

As my developer journey continues I have found a lot of fulfillment in being able to conceptualize a problem and use my skills to craft a solution. As my understanding increases, new horizons appear and other avenues open to explore and challenge. The idea of an ever changing landscape excites me and I look forward to seeing where it takes me In the future.

Get in touch at stephenboothdev@gmail.com